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Effective Hand Hygiene

Global Handwashing Day this year fell on 15th October highlighting the need for effective and regular handwashing.  However just because the day has been and gone, the need for heightened hand hygiene hasn’t. The global pandemic has certainly made us all aware of the reasons for regular hand hygiene and the dyer consequences of not doing so.

Whether at home or at work it continues to be essential and naturally we want to protect our family, ourselves and our work colleagues by stopping the spread of unwanted germs.

Frequently Touched Surfaces 

It is recognised that hand transmission of germs is a major contributing factor in the spread of infection putting ever more emphasis on regular hand hygiene and surface cleaning, particularly surfaces that are regularly touched by hands.

Germ Hotspots

Many surfaces and touch points need to cleaned regularly within your day to day environment in a bid to avoid cross contamination.

Did you know that one study has shown that we touch as many as 7,200 surfaces in 24 hours.  If hands are not clean and carry harmful germs these can be transmitted to a number of surfaces that others will subsequently touch.

Targeting ‘High Frequency Touchpoints‘ with hand and surface hygiene is a key step toward helping reduce the spread of germs.  Objects touched by lots of people throughout the day should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to help break the chain of germ transmission.  This will naturally vary depending upon the working environment and numbers of people.

Germ Facts 


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Daily Hand Hygiene 

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60 seconds Handwashing Steps 

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Germs Hotspots within your sector

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