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Are your cleaning and hygiene standards sufficient for today’s world?

COVID19 has definitely made us all look at our existing cleaning and hygiene standards and whilst things are starting to get under control, higher level cleaning and hygiene practices have never been more important for today’s workplace.  

Effective, cleaning, hygiene and disinfecting practices need to continue to be top priority to ensure we are protecting ourselves, our staff, our customers and our business.  We cannot afford to be complacent.  Here’s a quick few questions to check whether you are meeting a next level clean.

Are you confident with your cleaning operations?

  • Are all ‘germ hotspots’ cleaned regularly?
  • Are the right products being used?
  • Are RTU products being used correctly? 
  • Are concentrated products being dosed correctly?
  • Does your current staff cleaning training meet the needs of today’s next level cleaning?
  • Is PPE used correctly?
  • Are there sufficient hand hygiene facilities within your workplace?
  • Is everyone adhering to Health & Safety and PPE when cleaning?


Unsure?  Then don’t worry, we are here to help you 

  • We have put together a 6-step cleaning, hygiene and disinfection management system, CleaningSafeguard™, that will help our customers stay on top of new cleaning and hygiene standards. The management system has been designed to help ensure our customers are performing their cleaning operations as effectively as possible with the help of a number of tools that we have designed aimed at supporting a new higher-level cleaning standard. For more information, please click here.
  • Why not take a look at what a number of our suppliers say about the new hygiene standard and see what they have been doing to prepare businesses going forward. 

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  • We have provided a further section for quick access to general information on cleaning, together with details on colour coding, infection control, touchpoints and some useful blogs which we hope will prove useful. 

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