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Key Points

  • Products proven to be effective against Coronavirus will have passed EN14476 (see statement below)

  • Good hand hygiene starts with soap and water. Ensure staff and visitors wash their hands with a good quality handwash

  • Displaying hand washing posters such as this one from the World Health Organisation can encourage correct washing techniques and reduce the spread of germs

  • Just to clarify, COVID-19 is part of the Coronavirus family of viruses ie. Coronavirus is its closest surrogate virus.   Currently no single product is known to specifically kill COVID-19, however products that have been tested and are effective against the Coronavirus family carry the European standard EN14476.  As such sanitisers carrying the EN14476 standard are recommended for use against COVID-19.

Suggested products for COVID-19 spike

We are now all working our way through this latest lockdown however hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccinations around the corner.  In the meantime, make sure you are fully equipped with a key product range to help combat germs and prevent cross contamination.


BioHygiene - EN14476 Accredited

Eco friendly surface sanitiser that is also EN14476 accredited. For more information call us on:
023 9243 4505

REB 15 Backpack Battery Sprayer

Ideal for disinfection spraying or large carpet pre-treatment. For more information call us on:
023 9243 4505

COVID-19 Back to Work Catalogue

Please note that products do vary from time to time due to availability of supply. Please call us on:
023 9243 4505