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Are your cleaning and disinfecting practices fit for purpose?

Attitudes towards cleaning have certainly changed following the pandemic with most organisations placing hygiene and cleaning at the top of their business operations. 

Now more than ever, businesses are prioritising workplace hygiene and making sure they consider every angle.  Most businesses realise the continuing need for a new hygiene programme and are keen to identify any areas where they are potentially falling short.  


Transportation industry – 63% recognise that hygiene needs improvement

Retail industry – 76% is more aware of hygiene that before the pandemic

Offices –  only 17% are confident at the levels of hygiene in their working environment

Data from Harris Interactive Study commissioned by Kimberly-Clark in 2020

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Kimberly-Clark has built an innovative 360° hygiene and protection workplace model to help identify hygiene gaps.  At CJS, we are working closely with Kimberly-Clark to help our customers review their current cleaning and hygiene practices, so why not contact us at to arrange for one of our experts to get in touch and also to arrange for your FREE virtual hygiene walk.

  • How dirty is an average working environment?


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    Source: ¹Martinez-Gonzáles, N.E., Solorzano-Ibarra, F., Cabrera-Diaz, E., Gutiérrez-Gonzáles, P., Martinez-Chávez, L., Pérez-Montaño, J.A. and Martinez-Cárdenas, C., 2017.  Microbial contamination on cell phones used by undergraduate students.  Canadian Journal of Infection Control, 32(4).  ²Zhang, N.Li, Y. and Huang, H., 2018.  Surface touch and its network growth in a graduate office.  Indoor air, 28(6), pp.963-972.  ³Source:
  • Education - Are there any gaps in your Washroom, Surface Wiping or Hand Hygiene sytems?

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  • Healthcare - When patients, visitors or staff walk through the door of your healthcare facility, has every step towards increased hygiene been considered? 

    Why not ask about a FREE virtual hygiene walk so that we help identify any potential areas where cleaning and hygiene can be improved.

    Click on the image for potential germs hotspots within healthcare 
  • Offices - What changes should you implement to make your office building more hygienic? 

    Why not request a FREE virtual hygiene walk so that we can help highlight any potential gaps and recommend hygienic and cost-effective solutions.

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  • Hospitality - Are you interested in enhancing hygiene in your hotel facility? 

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    Click on the image for potential germs hotspots within a food environment 
  • Did you know that paper towels are the most hygienic option for hand drying? 

    Don't take our word for it, click on the image and read what various governing bodies have to say about it.

    For more information on fitting a hand towel solution into your organisation, simply email us at and we will be more than happy to run through all available options
  • Here to help

    At CJS, have put together CleaningSafeguard™, a 6 step management system that aims to look at essential areas to help elevate your cleaning and hygiene - protecting you, your staff and your business. Click on the button to the left to learn how we can help you and to arrange for one of our experts to get in touch.