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The future of disinfection

Demand for disinfection has grown as a consequence of COVID-19.

While a vaccine can resolve the critical situation mid-term, the general consciousness about hygiene levels can be expected to remain high. We all understand now that surfaces can be a source of disease – COVID-19 and others.

Introducing Oxivir

1 simple cleaner disinfectant solution

Oxivir Plus is the ideal cleaner disinfectant to keep surfaces looking clean with strong surfactants and at the same time keeping infections at bay with its excellent disinfectant properties to tackle bacteria & viruses.  

  • Keep surfaces clean & safe
  • Reduces the need for training
  • Reduces chemical cost
  • Safe to use (active evaporates into oxygen & water
  • Available as part of a SmartDose dosing platform, RTU and J-Flex
  • Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

    AHP® is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide produce exceptional potency as a germicide, and performance as a cleaner.
  • Notes to consider for EN Testing Data Microorganisms – What pathogen are you trying to kill?  Bacteria, a virus, mycobacteria or spores?  Has it been tested against the correct organism? Sars-Cov-2 needs to have an enveloped virucidal claim EN14476 against MVA or Coronavirus Product concentrations – Usually test 3 different product concentrations – e.g. If they tested at 10% it does not mean it will be effective at 1%, they would need to test at 1% Contact time – Can vary from 30 seconds to 60 minutes depending on the test - Is the contact time realistic?  Not all suppliers specify Conditions - Clean v Dirty conditions

    • Clean Conditions means that the product has to be used only as a disinfectant as part of a 2 stage clean
    • Dirty Conditions means that the product can be used in the presence of soil as a 1 stage cleaner & disinfectant in 1

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    At CJS, have put together CleaningSafeguard™, a 6 step management system that aims to look at essential areas to help elevate your cleaning and hygiene - protecting you, your staff and your business. Click on the button to the left to learn how we can help you and to arrange for one of our experts to get in touch.