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A cleaning, hygiene & disinfection management system 

Cleaning, hygiene and infection control must continue to be an important part of working practices going forward with cleaning and hygiene management systems becoming the norm for the everyday workplace.

At CJS, we have put together CleaningSafeguard™, a 6 step management system that aims to look at essential areas to help elevate and retain your cleaning and hygiene standards - protecting you, your staff and your business.
Implement the cleaning & hygiene
management system
- Set up a CleaningSafeguard™ account
- Ensure the system is understood by all staff
Assess infection control
operations, reviewing:
- Cleaning process
- Colour coding & cross contamination
Compliance checks
and assessments
- Cleaning & hygiene working practices
- Product accreditations

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  • What will this include for you?

    • COSHH awareness training
    • Product training
    • Cleaning method information
    • Infection control guidance
    • ATP cleaning swab tests, if required
    • Cleaning plans, guides, rotas and checklists
    • Compliance checks
    • Audits & machinery checks
    • PPE Review
    • Management Reports
  • What you will receive

    • COSHH training session for staff meeting COSHH awareness level 1
    • all staff will undertake a short test following the training session
    • staff undertaking training will receive a personalised certificate
    • all certificates will be accessible within your password protected CleaningSafeguard™ account
    • record of presentation used within the training session within your password protected CleaningSafeguard™ account
    • access to test results with within your password protected CleaningSafeguard™ account


    • removes training headache for COSHH training
    • ensures compliance with COSHH across your staff
    • a portal that holds all records in one place for easy download
    • provides quick access to records for compliance tick boxes
    • expiry training reminders for staff 
  • What you will receive

    • in-house product and equipment demonstrations
    • staff training on correct product usage, dosage and functions
    • personalised certificate for staff undertaking product training session
    • access to expert panel for specialist problem solving guidance


    • confidence that products and/or equipment are being used accurately and effectively
    • potential reduction in costs due to correct product usage
    • compliance audit trail
  • What you will receive

    educate and prepare; 
    • ensure employees are aware of infection control measures
    • ensure that all know what to do during an outbreak
    • ensure adequate stock of cleaning products are in place should an outbreak occur
    encourage good habits; 
    • ensure all staff are aware and follow hand hygiene standards
    • ensure that sufficient hand hygiene sanitising stations are available
    • ensure all staff follow simple germ spreading avoidance techniques
    break the contamination cycle
    • ensure all staff do not allow germs to travel when cleaning
    • ensure all cleaning equipment is cleaned before and after use
    • Ensure high touch surfaces are vigilantly cleaned regularly
    • Ensure a colour coded approach to cleaning is adopted throughout your organisation
    • Ensure all staff are using appropriate EN registered disinfectants/sanitisers when cleaning
    • Ensure all cleaning products are used correctly for optimal infection control


    • confidence that you are minimising outbreaks as much as possible
    • confidence that you are using the right products for the right job
    • confidence that all your staff are appropriate trained in infection control
  • What you will receive

    • CJS branded cleaning plans detailing products you use within designated areas
    • clear information contained with plans to include; dilution rates, PPE required, where to use product, when to use product and product hazards
    • additional wallcharts, rotas, checklists, if required


    • clear visual reminders for cleaning staff
    • crosses language barriers with easy visual instructions
    • clear signage for compliance checks
  • What you will receive

    Monthly or regular audits across key areas (housekeeping, catering, washroom etc.), to include: 
    • dispenser checks
    • checks on machinery cleanliness and effective working order (this does not include mechanical aspects of machinery as this will be down to the supplier and in accordance with supplier warranty)
    • correct signage (wallcharts, rotas, guides etc.) in situ
    • awareness and adherence to CleaningSafeguard next level clean processes


    • confidence that all areas are operating effectively and efficiently
    • early notification of machinery issues so that these can be rectified 
    • confidence that signage is up to date and clearly visible for users
    • provides regular cleanliness reports across all business areas enabling help where needed
    • supports your inhouse compliance processes
  • What you will receive

    monthly or regular reports based on your specific needs which may include:
    • annual transaction reports
    • cost in use analyses
    • sales activity snapshot
    • laundry resident analysis costs


    • confidence that you are keeping within your budgetary constraints
    • alerts to unusual spends or discrepancies at an early stage
    • highlights false economies based on historic financial information
    • provides individual spend costs in certain circumstances, e.g. laundry costs
  • Other ways we can help

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    More information will be found on the CleaningSafeguard™ dashboard, so why not sign up for an account and check them out If you are still unable to find what you need to help you, then please click here to email us.