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On average in long term care, 3.4% of residents will have an healthcare associated infection with an average duration of 10 days

CJS offers a swab testing service for all critical areas to identify for cross-contamination across a number of business sectors; healthcare, leisure, schools and colleges, offices and the food processing and serving environment.

Infection control is a serious issue and many healthcare associated diseases such as novovirus, e-coli and MRSA have the capacity to spread within establishments where the numbers of people susceptible to infection (such as the sick, the elderly and the young) are heightened as they often share eating and living accommodation.ATP/SWAB Testing Details

An ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing micro-organisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)


  • We offer a simple swab test for all critical areas to identify how at risk an area is from cross-contamination.  We will provide immediate feedback of our results so that, if necessary you are able to act swiftly
  • We also offer a comprehensive and recommended product range specific for your industry
  • All your swab testing records will be stored on our online password protected eResources facility for 24/7 accessibility
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