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DB Blog #64 – Waterless personal care

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Product Showcase – in times of drought, check this out

Hello all.  I thought it would be a good idea to share this product range as it could well be of great use within your organisation – essentially anywhere where there might be an issue for access to water.  Here’s what they have to say …

Waterless products by Nilaqua®

Nilaqua’s® offers a range of ‘towel off’ personal care products that allows safe and effective washing without using any additional water or rinsing.  It is ideal when traditional washing isn’t possible.  

The range is used in many hospitals, care homes and is even prescribed for those who find it difficult to bathe, especially for those convalescing or who need palliative care.  The products are often used for those with Alzheimers, Parkinson’s and MS and can provide a fast and simple way for bedbound or limited mobility patients to retain their dignity and reduce many of the stresses and struggles associated with patient care and personal hygiene. 

Nilaqua® also has a great sustainability message in that:  

  • It is an eco friendly solution to washing, saving thousands of litres of water, reducing energy bills and reducing waste such as wipes
  • It is not harmful to humans, plants or animals
  • Contains 95% deionised water, no oils or gels
  • pH Level of 6.5-7.3 and kind to all skin types
  • Less water is required compared to traditional washing
  • Less electricity used as no dryers or heaters are required
  • Endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation
  • Made from 30-100% recycled plastic on many items and has full
    recycling schemes
  • 100% renewable energy to power Nilaqua manufacturing plant
  • Manufactured in the UK & vegan friendly


Plus it can be on hand for events, camping, festivals – wherever personal hygiene can often be compromised and with the country being urged to curb water use amid driest conditions since 1976, the range certainly offers food for thought.  For more information, please email us.

Yours, DB