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DB Blog #43 – 360° Protection within the workplace

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We are all fed up with hearing about COVID-19 and what we can and can’t do within the workplace so I thought I’d bring you some good proactive news for a change and talk to you about an innovative approach that Kimberly Clark has developed specifically to help ensure that you and your work colleagues are protected from dangerous hidden germs.

Your 360° protection within the workplace virtual hygiene walk

Whether you are in hospitality, work in an office, teach or manage staff and pupils at a school, take care of the sick or elderly or working in a warehouse or shop floor, with the help of Kimberly Clark we can create your workplace improvement hygiene plan.  All you would need to do is schedule a virtual hygiene walk with us and we would then look to review your existing products and practices to ensure that you have every hygiene angle covered.  So what does it involve?

  • We would help you identify key areas in your workplace where hygiene upgrades are necessary

  • We would recommend the right mix of germ fighting solutions for your facility

  • We would share tips and best practices for communicating changes and gaining compliance

So don’t delay, book your FREE virtual hygiene walk today and let’s create cleaner spaces together.

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Hope to see you soon!

Yours, DB