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DB Blog #33 – Protection against Coronavirus (and other infections)

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UPDATE:  Since this Blog was published, much has happened – why not check out our latest Coronavirus news update page 


The newly discovered strain of Coronavirus is hard to ignore, with a steadily rising death toll and increasing travel restrictions, there is growing concern internationally. It’s important to remember however that Coronovirus is still just a type of virus, which means that with the right guidance it can be prevented and controlled. 

The following information and product suggestions are not only useful for fighting Coronavirus, but all infections that are particularly volatile at this time of year.

WHO Coronavirus advice



To reduce risk of contamination, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised the use of an alcohol-based hand rub. However to ensure that you are protecting staff and visitors, it is also important that any products used have passed relevant European standard EN tests that prove they are effective against viruses such as Coronavirus. 


GOJO® Antimicrobial Plus Foam Handwash is a quat free option suitable for food handling as it is unfragranced, colourless and food taint test compliant: BS EN ISO 4120:2007. The GOJO® Antimicrobial Plus Foam Handwash Passes EN 14476+A1 and is Active against a broad spectrum of activity including Coronavirus (with 60 second contact time). It is also suitable for sensitive skin and high frequency use.

Although alcohol-free products have been recommended by WHO, it is not always possible to use products containing alcohol for various reasons. INVIRTU Alcohol-Free Hand Foam Sanitiser has been tested to European Standard EN 14476 and is therefore considered effective against all strains of Coronavirus (with 30 second contact time). INVIRTU hand foam sanitisers have also been dermatologically tested and proven not to dry the skin with frequent use.

To help staff and visitors comply with hand sanitation, ensure that posters and guides to hand hygiene are provided. Particularly in areas near hand-washing facilitates.

Hand Hygiene - Hints and Tips

Hand Hygiene – Hints and Tips from Diversey


When preventing the spread of infection, it is essential not to forget daily touch point cleaning.

Touch points are commonly touched surfaces such as tables, light switches, appliance handles and door handles. In daily infection prevention simple antibacterial surface sprays are unlikely to be effective. Antiviral surface sanitisers are recommended such as Byotrol’s 4 in 1 Disinfectant Cleaner which has successfully passed the European Standard EN 14476 test against Coronavirus (within 60 seconds).


For everyday disinfection on all surfaces in food premises, Suma Bac D10 from Diversey will be effective against Coronavirus, as it passes EN 14476.

Public Health England recommends that during a Coronavirus outbreak, cleaning touch-points at least twice daily with a neutral detergent followed by a chlorine based solution at a minimum strength of 1,000 ppm¹. W4 Chlorine Tablets provide an 1000ppm chlorine solution when 1 tab is diluted in 1 litre of water.



When infection strikes there is no time to spare and that is why we offer our Infection Control Pack. 

Our ‘Infection Control Pack’ contains everything you need to stop the spread such as virucidal disinfectant Safe Zone Plus and Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser (both pass EN14476), and includes priority delivery. It is crucial to only use one pack in each section of your organisation, and dispose of used equipment immediately to prevent cross contamination.



¹ Source:(

PLEASE NOTE: Although products mentioned have been proven to act against coronavirus and other viruses, the 2019-nCoV strain has not been tested.

Yours, DB