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DB Blog #29 – Henry V NRV240 Dry Vacuum

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I’ve been doing some research on why customers purchase domestic versions of machines when they are not as capable as their commercial relatives. The standout sibling rivalry to me is the domesticated Henry versus the Dry Vac NRV240, both Numatic best sellers.

It seems that some of our customers think that a vacuum they use in their home can do the same job in their business. To demonstrate that this really isn’t the case I enlisted the help of two of Numatic‘s most popular machines.

Fighter 1: Henry – Beloved by the nation, Henry is perfect for those weekend cleans or the occasional corn flake spillage.

Fighter 2: NRV240 – Developed especially for the stresses of commercial use, NRV240 is used to a bit of tough love.

See what happened when these two went head to head below!

Henry V NRV240

Here is my proof that the Henry you buy in your local retail shop is not the same model!

Henry V NRV240 2

To celebrate NRV240’s win, you can purchase your own at the special price of £95.00 (excl. VAT). Make sure you get yours by the end of November (or before stocks run out)!

To see the size difference for yourself, pop into our friendly trade shop. If you still have any questions and you’d like to talk to someone, please phone us on 023 9243 4505 or email


Yours, DB

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