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DB Blog #24 – 5 Days in the Life of a Sales Executive (Part 2!)

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How Can We Help (Part 2)

In Part 1 I followed Sales Manager Andy Baker to conduct swab testing at a restaurant that wanted to know the touch points in their commercial kitchen that were being missed in everyday cleaning. 

I also experienced COSHH training from the fabulous Kevin Day at a nursing home where the staff can now be confident in their safe cleaning capabilities.

Nikki Ovation Product Training

On the Wednesday I completed product training on the Ovation Tub Vacuum Cleaner – one of our newest products available. Sales Executive Nikki Henry was there to take me through the ropes…

“A vacuum is one of our simplest machines to train customers on, yet many people don’t use their machines as effectively as they could do. They may overlook the accessories that come with the machine and, in this instance, misuse the vacuum nozzles often leading to unneeded damage.

It starts with choosing the right machine for the job – a tub vacuum like this one is ideal for carpeted areas in multi-room facilities where there are lots of nooks and crannies to clean.

The Ovation is especially great in these areas as it has four wheels instead of three found on other brands, making it more sturdy.”

After my day with Nikki I have realised it is definitely worth taking time to speak to one of our sales executives to make sure that you are not only picking the right machine for the job, but that you are using it efficiently!

Kim Xpressnap Product Demo

My busy week didn’t stop there, Thursday was my date with our lovely new Sales Executive Kim Smith, who was giving a product demonstration on the Tork Xpressnap.

The cafe had been in touch with Kim as they had noticed napkins being used by their customers were coming out in clumps, leading to large amount of product wastage, which is damaging to both the local environment and the company’s finances!

Kim thought that the Tork Xpressnap would be the ideal solution as the dispenser system means that only one napkin can be taken at a time, which was proven in the cafe demonstration alleviating any of our customers’ fears. Tork’s 100% recycled or FSC-certified virgin fibre napkin refills also satisfied the sustainable minded customer.

Being able to see and feel the products in person gave our customer the chance to really visualise the system in their cafe – down to what to advertise in the Ad-A-Glance display panel on the side of the dispenser! 

After the educational week I had been having I could only imagine what Friday would have in store, and I wasn’t disappointed.

DB Purehold

Sales Director, Keith Churchill had lined up a jam packed day with representatives from many of our favourite suppliers stopping in to share new products in the pipeline and to share valuable information.

One of my favourite presentations was from the innovative ‘Purehold’ with their antibacterial door accessories that are having an enormous impact on the healthcare sector, but more about that later…


Yours, DB