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DB Blog #20 – 5 Days in the Life of a Sales Executive (Part 1)

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Our Sales Executives are some of the front-facing, friendly faces of the company, the ones who personally strengthen the IMPORTANCE of quality service. So I decided to follow them for five days to see how they help our customers.

On Monday I followed Sales Manager Andy Baker to his first audit for the day, a restaurant that wanted to know the touch points in their commercial kitchen that were being missed in everyday cleaning.

Accompanied with his trusty swab auditing kit, Andy was ready. The tap handles on the staff sink were found to have an ATP reading of 52 (anything over 100 is deemed critical), meaning they had been cleaned well enough to contain a safe level of bacteria.

Audit Swab

The next place Andy swabbed was the switch on the commercial water boiler and, to the surprise of the customer, this had a dangerously high ATP reading of 855. This means it is not being cleaned regularly or efficiently enough and everyone who uses that touch point could be spreading infection.

“I conduct so many audits where the customer is confused at why they are having infection control issues, as they believe they are cleaning effectively enough” commented Andy.

“Unfortunately touch points such as microwave buttons and light switches are often overlooked, which is why our swab testing is so useful. It really highlights where the oversights are and how we can help our customer solve their problems.”

Following my educational day with Andy, I accompanied Sales Executive Kevin Day to train staff at a nursing home on COSHH awareness…

On a cold Tuesday morning Kevin’s enthusiasm brightened the room as he introduced the 5 trainees to the importance of COSHH legislation and how it influences their working lives. An hour flew by as the participants were educated on everything from what particular hazard symbols mean, to where to find first aid information.

COSHH Training

The session was followed by a short test to ensure that all the information had been fully understood and that the participants could be certificated in their COSHH training (they all passed).

I had already experienced two massive ways our sales executives are helping our customers to improve their service, and it was only Tuesday.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 in July’s blogs!

Over the next 3 days I was shown product training on the Ovation Tub Vacuum Cleaner by Sales Executive Nikki Henry, given a product demonstration on the Tork Xpressnap by our lovely new Sales Executive Kim Smith and introduced to innovative new products at the Friday sales meeting.

You don’t want to miss it…

Yours, DB