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DB Blog #16 – Stay Sun Safe At Work

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Don’t become another sun damage statistic!

When keeping yourself, your employees and your customers safe from skin damage, I recommend Stokoderm Sun Protect.

The high performance SPF 30 UV Skin Protection Cream is designed for professional use to protect outdoor workers exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, and UVC rays created during industrial processes, such as arc welding.

UVB 30 High protection

Sun Protection Factor of 30 prolongs the skin’s natural protection time against the sun’s UVB rays by a factor of 30.

UVA protection

Conforms to the European recommendation for providing protection against the harmful effects of UVA rays.

UVC protection

Provides additional protection against UVC rays as created artificially during certain industrial processes, such as arc welding. Does not replace personal protective equipment.

Water resistant formula

Withstands immersion in water.

Non greasy after feel

Quickly and easily absorbs into the skin to encourage regular use and not affect dexterity with hand held tools.

Cares for skin

Contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, panthenol, caprylic/capric triglyceride and glycerin which help to soothe and condition the skin.


No added perfume. Ideal for people who are sensitive to perfumes and prefer products which do not have perfume added.


Suitable for use in any production sites where paint and surface coating processes are undertaken.

Stockoderm Sun Protect is available in 30ml and 100ml tubes, or 1 litre cartridges for use with a dispenser.

For more information on this product, please phone the sales team on 023 9243 4505, visit our trade shop, or email us.  

Yours, DB