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DB Blog #1 – Getting to know you

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DB BlogWelcome to our brand new weekly blog, bringing you the latest news in cleaning alongside useful guides for dirty dilemmas. My name is DB and I’m the pint-sized version of CJS Portsmouth’s founder and chairman: Dave Baker. As a man of many talents we couldn’t think of anyone better to be the face of our new blog feature (even if I do say so myself). I will be keeping you updated throughout my role as the CJS reporter.

Each week you can expect the latest industry or company news to be covered under one of the following topics:

DB’s Product of the month – This will be announced in the first blog of each month and will be available to buy online or in our trade shop.

DB’s Q’s – Cleaning Advice or FAQ’s from our expert team.

DB Cleans – Follow DB as he solves a dirty dilemma, with before and after photos and a step by step guide on treating the problem.

New Product or Change to Business – Updates that may affect you or a new product you need to know about.

Testimonials or Messages of Thanks – Sharing special messages of thanks from our valued customers.

News reports – Best practice and mistakes from the cleaning sector and how they relate to your business.

DB Reports – Our own insight into the cleaning world taken from our monitoring and auditing services.

If you have any queries about anything discussed in the blogs please email and feel free to share them with your colleagues and friends.

This month’s product of the month is in honour of the original DB, who started off his impressive career as a window cleaner. You can purchase Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner in our trade shop or get in contact with our sales team by emailing or phone 02392 434505, and give the sales code 1408-60.

Yours, DB

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