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Whether you’re an employee, manage a business or work from home, the Healthy Workplace Project* is a comprehensive wellness programme designed to enable health and prevent germs from spreading around your office.



Free assessment of your workplace: Our Site survey team bring all the expertise to get instant results


Provide the right products: based on the steps from Step 1, we’ll advise you how to set up the right products in the right places and how to introduce the three steps to help create a healthier workplace; Wash, Wipe and Sanitise.


Our Engagement Activation Pack is perfect to target everyone who works at or visits the premises.

By emphasising the importance of “washing, wiping and sanitising” using carefully selected engagement kits, free with certain products, the Healthy Workplace Project* helps to:

  • Reduce absenteeism by up too 45%
  • Raise Staff satisfaction
  • Raise Productivity Levels
  • Reduce the risk of germs being spread to others.


CJS Portsmouth have the full product range from Kimberly-Clark available to all our members so have a look and see how simple steps can make your workplace a  healthier and more productive workplace


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